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The Importance of Comfort

We all know how important it is to have me time and to have time take time out from the stresses and strains of our everyday life. I believe one of the most under-rated words is comfort. What does the word comfort mean to you? To me comfort is brought about either physically or emotionally from something that feels good, that feels right, that feels nostalgic.

When we are feeling bent out of shape or it’s just that time in our cycle when we need the reassurance that comfort brings about, know what brings you comfort and call on your “comfort companions”.

My “comfort companions” are things that feel good to touch, sounds that are good for my soul, things to look at that bring me warmth in my soul, smells that invoke a warm fuzzy feeling and tastes from foods that make me feel mmmm inside.

Creating a list of these things for you to call upon in your time of need for comfort is invaluable.

Never underestimate the therapeutic benefits of stroking your pets. The weight of a heavy blanket when you are snuggled up on the sofa watching a film from your childhood. The feel of your favourite hoodie when cloud watching laid in a field and absorbing all of nature’s beauty. Sipping a hot chocolate and wrapped up on your favourite scarf listening to songs reminding you of happy times whilst hanging out with your BFFs. Laying in bed freshly changed soft bed linen after a luxurious bath whilst listening to an audio book or guided meditation. The smell of freshly cut flowers on the table whilst looking at family photos from ages ago in my favourite PJs.

I have shared some from my list with you, but make sure you create your own and reach out for your “comfort companions” when you need them most.

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