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Five simple ways to get unstuck

Have you lost your spark? Are you fed up with being in the same rut day after day? Are you tired of the same old things in the same old ways?

As long as you want to make a change life’s patterns and habits can be easily altered.

Here are a few ways to help you get unstuck:

1. Limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs hold you back and keep you stuck, and it is important for you to let these go. Some are so deeply tucked away in our subconscious mind that you may not even know about them! Practising mindfulness yoga and meditation which releases your inner strengths alongside working with a coach, helps you explore new empowering beliefs and create new habits and rituals.

2. Purpose. If you're feeling disheartened and unsure what you want to be doing with your life, it is key to find a sense of purpose. This can be as simple as discovering within yourself what you want to expand upon. It is all about personal growth. Working with a coach will enable you to work out what you enjoy, what you are good at and how these can be incorporated in your values and goals.

3. Gratitude. If you spend 5 to 10 minutes every morning setting out your clear intentions for the day. You can write down three things that you're grateful for and create a list of three things that you want to accomplish that day. At the end of the day, just make a note of everything you have achieved and look again at what you're grateful for?

4. Habits. Working out where a habit starts from – whether it is fear, boredom, stress, tiredness – helps you recognise why you behave in a certain way. To change a routine, replacing a bad habit with a more empowering and useful habit is a powerful way to address bad habits we mindlessly find ourselves doing.

5. Triggers. What is making you fall into negative habits? Reduce exposure to these prompts e.g. when you sit down and automatically reach for the TV remote – consider a more productive use of your time such as listening to a podcast or audio book that you’ve been meaning to start instead of watching something inane on TV.

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