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My passion for energy work shows throughout my coaching programme and whether you are new to working with your energy or not, you will never think the same way again!

To get you started, I want to give you an introduction to our method and how our coaching will work over our time together.

1. We will start our coaching together with clarity coaching to help you really dig deep on what your goals are and what you are really trying to achieve.

2. We will then work together to identify what is going to keep you stuck from achieving those goals - much of this work will involve tapping into your subconscious blocks and bringing them to the surface so that we can do the work to change them.

3. The next part of the process is then to transform any limiting beliefs we have identified at this stage and replace those beliefs with a new more empowered set of beliefs. By this part in the process, you will already start to feel really confident in yourself/abilities.

4. Moving on from the belief work we will then start to work on your energy, releasing any negative energy and raising your vibration so that you become a vibrational match to your desires and goals.

5. I will then help you map out an inspired action plan to assist you in your goals before we move into the process of surrendering to The Universe. During this phase, we will work on strengthening your faith & maintaining a positive vibration. We will then also work through some ways to activate your feminine energy so that achieving your outcome is done in a way that feels good to you.

By the end of the coaching, you will have totally transformed your mindset, your beliefs and your energy so that you will be free from the restraints you have experienced and so that you can manifest what it is that you are looking to achieve.

I have a number of options available for you whether it be 1:1 Coaching, Coaching with others in a group setting or an online course for you to complete at your own pace.

I am operating a waiting list at the moment for my 1:1 Coaching, so please book yourself on an unearthing session now to reserve your place.

By booking an Unearthing Session with me we can work out if we are the perfect fit together and work out the best programme for you.

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