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Can you be in the present and enjoy the moment?

As soon as you land at the airport for your long-awaited holiday, you realise your luggage has gone AWOL. A day later it still hasn’t turned up …

A) do you go out and buy new clothes and supplies and just get on with your holiday – determined that it will not let it ruin it – after all you can claim for what has been lost on your return home?

B) do you continue with your holiday but regularly call the airline to make sure they don’t forget about you and keep trying to track it down?

C) do you get so upset about not having your things, that your struggle enjoying your holiday and keep mulling over how incompetent the airline is?

You hear in the media that your company is being taken over by a much larger company who are known for being difficult to work for and there are planned job losses …

A) do you keep on doing your job in the same way as before – being mindful there are changes imminent but you’re an asset to the company?

B) do you start phoning colleagues to see what their reaction to the news is and see if they are as worried as you?

C) do you feel anxious and start looking for alternative jobs – just in case?

You hear that an inspirational former boss has a terminal illness …

A) do you immediately find out what hospital they are in and visit?

B) do you start thinking quite philosophically about life? C) do you start thinking – this could be me and need to get checked out?

If you receive a hurtful message from someone you know …

A) do you feel upset and respond immediately but then put it out of your mind?

B) do you mull it over for a while until you have worked out the best way to respond?

C) irrespective of whether you respond or not, do you find it affecting you all day or maybe for a number of days?

A close friend has not been paying you the usual level of attention or affection …

A) do you think it doesn’t matter so much – maybe they are stressed or have other things going on that is taking up their time and we’ll catch up soon when it’s best for us both?

B) do you write a long email requesting to meet up so you can find out what the issue is that she has with you?

C) are you really offended by their neglect and instantly remove them from your radar as they don’t deserve your time and energy if they treat you this way?

To calculate your score:

A = 1

B = 2

C = 3

If you scored 6-10 … you need to live more in the present moment because you are easily putting yourself in either the past r the future with stress and anxiety. This is preventing you from living a fulfilled and enjoyable life. The daily practice of mindfulness will help you unreservedly to live in the present.

If you scored 3-5 points … you’re doing a pretty good job but there is a level of nervousness about the way you think and you have a tendency to over-think but by introducing mindfulness into your life will help calm your mind and live even more in the present.

If you scored 0-2 points … you’re nailing it! Even though some issues may take you into the future or past you know how to bring yourself back to the present. You’re an inspiration!

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