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As a Life Purpose Coach, I mentor women who could be approaching, or who are at, a cross-roads in their personal life or their career. Women who are living an unfulfilled life and are unsure which path to go down. Women who are feeling ‘stuck’ unable to extract themselves from their day-to-day patterns that are getting them nowhere.


I help clients to visualise how they would like their life to be. And then help them to make it a reality by helping clients face their inhibitions, perceived weaknesses, and self-esteem and self-love issues.

My mission is to help women discover their purpose and provide them with the support and tools to help them live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Coaching for You

Within my coaching, I help clients find a much deeper and significantly more meaningful level of fulfilment and overall happiness through:

  • Uncovering those burning desires, passions and purpose

  • Identifying specific dreams and life goals

  • Establishing what is holding them back and transforming these beliefs

  • Creating a plan so they can take inspired action and overcome any obstacles as they arise along the way

  • Understanding the importance of energy flow and how to vibrate at a high frequency

  • Implementing success habits and working with the law of attraction 


I coach on a 1:1 basis or through our online programs (for clients who prefer to work on themselves in certain areas before committing to personal coaching with me). Through my 1:1 coaching, you can choose which option suits you best: following a structured weekly or fortnightly programme over 4 sessions, 8 sessions or 12 sessions a bespoke coaching package which is reflective of what you are going through in a specific week or fortnight or month - depending on the frequency of our sessions.


I will be shortly launching a monthly membership programme which provides you with access to:: powerful manifestation and healing meditations rituals to help you in various aspects of your life tools for raising your vibration to attract what you desire in life. It will cover a variety of areas, to name a few: self love; ho'opononpono - the art of forgiveness; moon magic; chakras; fears and beliefs; improving your memory.

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Emma Patrick is a UK life purpose coach mentoring women at a crossroads
Emma Patrick female life coach

About Me

Previously working in Insurance for far too many years before starting my coaching business, I became a Certified Strategic & Life Purpose Coach whilst building on my passion of energy work which I utilise within my coaching. 

I recognised just how many women, like me, realised they were unfulfilled and needed a change of direction but needed that assistance to point them in the right direction to lead the fulfilling life they so desired and deserved.

I continue on my journey of self-discovery and self-healing and have healed parts of me that have been neglected and deeply hidden from the outside world to enable me to become and continue to expand into the place of empowering myself and other like-minded women.

As a result of my journey, my life has and is changing in the most amazing ways that I could have dreamed by creating long-lasting and fulfilling changes in all areas of my life.


I love spending time in nature with my daughter and relaxing with a good book and a glass of wine!

Meet Emma
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What my clients say

"So far I’ve found the coaching sessions really helpful as a structured way to consider my life goals and aspirations. It’s prompted me to prioritise what really makes me happy in life and to not feel guilty about this. The structured approach in the sessions has enabled me to have small goals during the sessions but also larger goals throughout the series of sessions. Coaching has allowed me to appreciate how previous life events have moulded who I am and how I act today. It’s also given me the ability to understand that this can be changed and I can alter my goals for the future. 

Emma Patrick is a kind and compassionate life coach. Her coaching style is incredibly supportive but she manages to do this while remaining neutral and not forcing ideas or “answers” into the sessions. 


Emma’s coaching has given me the confidence to be honest with myself about what my true passions are, what makes me truly happy and what is important to me going forward in life. The sessions have allowed me to reduce my feelings of anxiety, guilt and worry, and focus on being a happier and more successful person. 


Emma has adapted to the virtual way of working and the online sessions are great. These allow more flexibility which is hugely important to fit coaching into a busy week. I could not recommend the programme enough!"  - Katie.

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