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What is Ho’oponopono

...other than an amazing word that I absolutely love to say?!

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian prayer practice which is primarily used for healing. The word "Ho'oponopono" can be translated from its three component parts which are:

"ho'o" (to make)

"pono" (right)

"pono" (right)

or in other words, a powerful means to correct problems with relationships. Many moons ago in Hawaii, a "kahuna" or Hawaiian doctor would be called in by a family to uncover any problems. They would then practice forgiveness so that each member of the family can then be released from guilt, recriminations and grudges. The Hawaiian doctors knew that conflicts and grudges would eventually manifest as disease and poor health. In essence, the removal of negative emotions and associated mental states; harmony and balance is restored along which in turn brings well-being and good health. Over the years, Ho'oponopono has been modified and used in many different ways through healing. At a very basic level it is an amazing way to bring back the warm feelings of happiness and joy through forgiveness and acceptance of things that occur during our daily lives.

Practicing Ho’oponopono in a period of time where you are not being productive and daily life is stressing you out, gives you the tools so you can take control of your thoughts and focus on much happier and positive thoughts.

If you are having to deal with negative feelings that you may have been harbouring when a person or a situation has upset or hurt you, Ho’oponopono can be used to express any form of forgiveness but is ideal for maintaining the harmony in personal relationships. You can use Ho’oponopono by practising forgiveness for the smaller altercations you come across on a day-to-day basis. This then prevents the little things from getting blown up into major issues that can result in anger and bitterness – so stopping things escalating in their tracks. This process is mainly aimed in your direction, as you are initially addressing yourself and generating self-forgiveness, but you will also include the other person involved in the situation during the healing. The Ho’oponopono prayer is an expression of sorrow and regret for the problem whilst seeking forgiveness and spiritual cleansing from the past which then enables you to live happily in the now. There are four phrases are:

  • I am sorry

  • Please forgive me

  • I love you

  • Thank you

Practicing Ho’oponopono is known as "cleaning". This means you remove or cleanse your own negative feelings which in turn erases the negativity that is blocking you from your memory or consciousness. It's a way of expressing your desire to no longer suffer from a problem, which is either in the present or the past.

Remember, the only person that you can change is you! Unfortunately, you can’t bring about a change in the other person. You start with the first two phrases, "I am sorry" and "Please forgive me." Ho'oponopono is used to obtain forgiveness for yourself initially, because forgiveness for whatever helped to create the problem is within you. The next two phrases, "Thank you” and “I love you" could refer to either yourself or the other person. It is important that both gratitude and love are used to anchor a heart-based response to the situation. Afterall, it is the heart that manifests the emotion. The mind alone is not able to resolve emotional distress or negativity. During this Ho’oponopono process, you can experience an increase in the feelings of self-acceptance and self-love. Ho'oponopono is a set of mental techniques that can help you live and flourish in the present rather than suffer in a distressing past.

Just remember those four so important phrases.

I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

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