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Kaitou Joker 4th Season ((FREE))

The official website for the Mysterious Joker franchise announced on Friday that Takehito Koyasu (Soul Eater's Excalibur, Hellsing's Luke Valentine) will be voicing Dr. Neo (pictured below), a new character in the show's fourth season. Dr. Neo is a mad scientist who is researching perpetual youth and immortality, and he covet's Phoenix's hidden power.

Kaitou Joker 4th Season

The show's staff will host an advanced screening festival to celebrate the start of the new season. The event will take place at Toyosu United Cinema in Tokyo on October 2, and will feature talk sessions with the staff and cast members.

The 2015 issues ofCorocoro Comic announced that the series has been green-lit for a second season that aired on April 6 2015. Following that, a third season was announced to be premiered on April 4, 2016. A fourth season following after the third will air in October 2016.

Fourth season in the Kaitou Joker anime series. The thief Mysterious Joker doesn't just steal things. An audacious and elusive miracle-maker, he travels the world searching for treasure with his partner and cook Hachi. As they circle the globe, they must avoid traps set by the police and compete in various competitions to reach their final goal, the Timeslip Treasure.

A 20-year old lady who assists Mister Kaneari. In season 3, she's revealed to be able to turn into her true self Commando Satsuko, a huge muscled warrior who has reached the full potential of her feminine virtues. 041b061a72


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