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Inner City - Big Fun (12 Remix)

He told in an interview about making the song, "The vocals were 100% Paris on 'Good Life', I just gave her some direction. I said, 'Look, I don't want it to sound like 'Big Fun' but I want it to be in the same family, I want to follow up with a feel that's similar.'"[6] The original version of the track was almost like a radio version, and Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Steve "Silk" Hurley made remixes for the single. It peaked at number four in the UK in January 1989,[7] and was certified silver by the British Phonographic Industry for sales exceeding 200,000 copies.[1] It's their highest-charting single to date and became huge at rave parties and acid house clubs.

Inner City - Big Fun (12 remix)


In 1999, it was re-recorded and remixed by producer Tommy Onyx and a Spanish language version was also released. It hit number 10 on the UK Singles Chart and was released by [PIAS] Recordings (whereas the original version was issued by Virgin/AVL's 10 Records label).[8] A new music video was also made to accompany it.

Alex Henderson from AllMusic complimented the song as a "house gem".[10] Another editor, John Bush, praised it as a "uplifting" gem from the "uncommonly moody Detroit club scene of the '80s."[11] Upon the release, J.D. Considine from The Baltimore Sun felt that songs like "Good Life" "boast more than enough pop appeal for the average listener."[12] Robert Hilburn from Los Angeles Times wrote, "The emphasis in this hyperactive dance-floor is on inviting sound textures, with all sorts of turntable high jinks adding to the dizzy exuberance."[13] Another editor, Chris Willman, stated, "No record this year will have a better groove (or mixture of grooves, really) than this one from Inner City". He also remarked that the lyrics "yearn plaintively for something better".[14] Pan-European magazine Music & Media said, "If you thought "Big Fun" was good, then check this out. Same basic formula but more melody. Funky and smouldering."[15] Upon the 1998 remix, Music Week wrote, "Guaranteed to cut through the winter cold, this uplifting update of the 1988 house classic adds acoustic guitar flourishes, warm synth washes and Spanish vocals to the original."[16] 041b061a72


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