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Audio Tester V 3.0

Any engineer knows that valid and accurate data is crucial to great results. DATS (Dayton Audio Test System) V3 is the essential tool in any speaker designers or audio engineers toolbox, providing accurate, precise measurement data for any audio transducer or loudspeaker system. Save yourself time, money, and trial-and-error frustration by using DATS V3 to measure loudspeaker drivers, crossover networks, and complete audio systems!

audio tester v 3.0

@WyzeChaoHere is the V2 & V3 12 feet up the tree side by side audio comparison, unfortunately they were done at separate times due to WiFi distance to Mesh WAP and V3 beat the V2 in the transmission of data.

Had to unplug the V3 for V2 to get audio to cloud, and for some odd reason the V2 audio was not captured on SD card at that exact moment when both were on and sound was enabled.(must of been a firmware bug - like that ever happens)

The V3 Wyze Cam Audio definitely could use some improvement but your hardware may be the limiting factor here as maybe the vendors that make the cams you sell are 2 different Chinese manufacturers? - Or some one has chosen a cheaper microphone and audio I.C. chip / audio processor?

And to be fair to WYZE the V2 is not IP-65 rated and the microphone hole on a V3 which is IP-65 rated has a protective layer to keep out the moisture which could affect the audio tooV2-V3 mic IP-6817023022 182 KBAgain the Forum Rotated my picture automatically - to better view click on it then enlarge and download it, Then Rotate for best view.

Hopefully some of the indoor V3 users try @Customer idea and disassemble their V3 to remove the IP-65 layer/screen in front of microphone and maybe even enlarge the microphone hole slightly to see if audio improves in their indoor V3 usage.

Recording tests showed that the Black Shark substantially improved its audio performance compared to the second iteration, but still not enough to even reach an average Recording sub-score. While the device fares brilliantly in volume, it delivers a poor artifacts performance and unsatisfactory background recordings, as well as a deeply unbalanced frequency response.

Audio Precision's new Digital Serial I/O for APx audio analyzers provides multichannel, chip-level connectivity for designers of HDMI receiver/ transmitter chips, converters and other micro-components. Innovations include 8 channels of simultaneous audio data, independent clocks, buffered oscilloscope monitors, and built-in support for left or right justified, I2S and DSP formats.

Datasheet for the PDM 16 input module, compatible with APx52x, APx555 and APx58x audio analyzers. PDM 16 can be installed in either B Series or Legacy APx audio analyzers (in the latter case, instruments manufactured after August 2012).

A comprehensive set of audio test files at 8k, 16k, 44.1k, and 48k sample rates for testing smartphones and tablets. Accompanies Technote 116: Testing Smartphones and Tablets, which is a separate download.

A comprehensive set of MP4 video files with audio encoded in AAC, Dolby Digital 2.0, Dolby Digital 5.1, and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 formats. Accompanies Technote 116: Testing Smartphones and Tablets, which is a separate download.

In order to test the audio quality of devices like set-top boxes, special audio test streams of known quality must be played from the set-top box into an audio analyzer. This usually requires that the audio streams be encoded into a format that can be streamed from the set-top box over HDMI,S/PDIF or TOSLINK. The audio test signals in this folder are provided for the convenience of set top box manufacturers who wish to test with Audio Precision at HDMI Plugfest. If you are a set top box manufacturer and you wish to test your device with Audio Precision at HDMI Plugfest, please arrange to have these audio test streams encoded and loaded onto your device before coming to Plugfest.

This compressed file contains a copy of the PESQ speech waveforms installed with the APx500 audio measurement software. It is provided as a convenience for APx500 users who want the ability to download these files from the web.

Please note: performing PESQ measurements with an APx audio analyzer does require the PESQ Perceptual Audio Test (SW-PESQ) software option. More information on perceptual audio testing with APx.

Allows measurement of phantom power on a microphone preamplifier, with and without a simultaneous audio signal. Requires a special Phantom Power Test Fixture, described in Technote 114: Measuring Phantom Power (included).

The APx Polar Plot Utility is a Windows application for making polar measurements of loudspeakers or microphones with an APx500 audio analyzer and for creating 2-dimensional polar dispersion plots from the measured data.

The APx Polar Plot utility also requires the SPK-RD software option to be installed on the connected APx audio analyzer. If you require a SPK-RD software option, please contact your Audio Precision sales representative.

Note: This version of the APx Polar Plot Utility is compatible with APx500 audio measurement software versions 4.4, 4.4.1 and 4.4.2. Updated in January 2018 to remove a beta restriction.

Tests portable audio players and headphones packaged as a set, and as individual components, for compliance with the BS EN 50332 standard. Works with any APx Series analyzer. The version of APx500 software must match the utility version. Includes Technote 107 with full instructions.

This APx project and related files demonstrates how to run an external program from APx500. Includes THD+N measurement and Stepped Frequency Sweep measurements. The project file calls the Goldwave audio editor program, so you will either need to install Goldwave, or substitute another audio player with a command line interface. Accompanies the kb article "Running an external program from APx500," which gives a complete explanation.

Discusses writing and reading good audio specifications. Guidelines are provided, then key specifications for two classes of audio device are examined for correct expression and form, with examples of real-world specs for comparison.

Audio analyzers are optimized to make high quality measurements up through their maximum specified bandwidths. The presence of significant energy above these bandwidths can have a profound effect on the audio measurements and possibly induce errors. This white paper provides valuable information on avoiding the possibility of errors when testing digital to analog converters and other audio devices that contain significant energy above the audio band. Written by Bruce Hofer

Switch-mode audio power amplifiers are becoming increasingly popular due to their smaller size, lower weight, and improved efficiency. Their advantages are obvious in low power battery operated personal audio players and laptop computers. However they are also progressively displacing more traditional linear designs in mainstream applications such as home entertainment systems, automotive sound systems, and professional installations where high quality audio is important. Measuring the performance of switch-mode amplifiers presents some new and unique challenges. They inherently generate ultra-sonic artifacts and spurious signals with slew rates that can provoke non-linear behavior within the input stages of high quality audio test and measurement equipment. Absolutely worthless and inaccurate results can result unless effective measures are taken to prevent this non-linear behavior. Written by Bruce Hofer.

This reference handbook is a practical, hands-on guide for workers in all phases of the audio field. It covers basic tools and techniques, common environments for audio testing, application of these techniques to common audio devices, the typical ranges of performance to expect in different devices, and a glossary of terms and key specifications used in audio measurement. 178 pages Written by Bob Metzler.

A look at some of the important features needed in an acoustic audio analyzer, the problems you may encounter in non-ideal testing environment, the needs of good production line testing, and the range of measurements and results that should be produced.

Serial digital signal analysis is essential in research and development for evaluating audio circuit designs at the chip and at the board level. This AP Applied reviews serial testing procedures, and describes the abilities of the DSIO for APx, as well as the PSIA-2722 for the 2700 Series.

A look at the traditional ways of examining out of band noise signals, as well as the advantages of using an ultra-high bandwidth audio analyzer with full 24 bit FFT resolution from DC to beyond 1 MHz.


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