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Crack Radialix 2 16 07 Build 4077

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Crack Radialix 2 16 07 Build 4077

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belgium-based sixpackhouse has been busy with all of the unit build operation over the past few months, and now the specialist belgian chassis builder has shown off its latest creation, a dartball sls. the dartball is a converted td5 track racing car. at first glance, it doesn't look too special, but the boxy little thing is packed with some clever build elements that the firm promises are "to last for years," although more specifically, they have been built to go to about the maximum legal speed of about 201kph (131mph). the first thing to note about the td5 conversion is that, yes, you can still just about live with the stock nose cone and wings. this kit is not designed to be pretty, and sixpackhouse says it isn't, which is great news for hot rodders who want to upgrade their dartbales. although the dartball is not a pretty hatch, there are some very clever elements, but it's not looking like the easiest to build of the current 'stash box (race) series'. the first of these is the rear wing. it's made from a pair of the stock dartball's racing wings, which of course, have a little bit more downforce than the street-legal body, meaning the arms are less than half the width of the standard wing. sixpackhouse has taken the easy way out here, fitting a stub body which is simply moulded to the old wings. no extra work, just one or two fittings.the same goes for the simple nose cone, which is held in position by two of those low-tech wing stays. then there's the moveable lip and rear spoiler, which can be dropped and reconfigured in a very quick and easy process.


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