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Linkin Park Live In Red Square Full Concert Free Download Fixed

the first in the series took place in 2007 when linkin park played the transformers: revenge of the fallen soundtrack show in san francisco. the second took place in 2008, transformers: revenge of the fallen in south korea. fans in those countries were treated to special concerts by the band as part of the transformers movie's openings. three years later, the band joined forces with michael bay for the sequel, transformers: dark of the moon.

Linkin Park Live In Red Square Full Concert Free Download

this time around, the band teamed up with the director of the forthcoming transformers 4, and, of course, transformers 4 star, mark wahlberg. the show is supposed to serve as a warm up for the new movie, as well as, by way of its clever title, a promotion for the new album they're about to unleash. says the band:

linkin park live in red square full concert free download the show will take place in the lawn of bolshoi theatre in red square on july 29th. be there or be square! linkin park perform their latest album, the hunting party and it will be their first album released after their signing to warner bros. records.

it was a moment that couldn't have happened without the considerable clout of transformers director michael bay (there's, like, nothing he can't do, bennington joked. he may have actually shot the [film's] moon footage on the moon), but when linkin park first joined forces with the franchise back in 2007, they never dreamed the collaboration would eventually lead them to red square. basically, back then, they just signed on because they were huge fans of the toys.


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