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Windows Phone App Review €? [ ] Lockscreen Style

Whether you want something minimal or highly customizable, there's an Android launcher for you. By downloading one of the launchers below, you can easily add more style and personalization to your Android home screen. Even if you already have one of the best Android phones, there's always a chance to spice things up.

Windows Phone App Review – [ ] Lockscreen Style

The background or wallpaper on your phone's homescreen or lockscreen plays a substantial part in the device's personalization. For those who like having a theme, a curated library of wallpapers is essential. This article lists eleven background apps that you should check out. If you want something more than just an aesthetic change, we also have an article that lists some of the best Android apps you should use to increase or improve your device's usability. The list includes recommended apps for podcasts, device automation, and productivity, to name a few.

If you're looking for something beyond static and live wallpapers, you might want to check out SwirlWalls. Developed by Chris Lacy, SwirlWalls is a fresh take on live wallpapers, offering beautiful spiral live wallpapers to take your home screen personalization game to the next level. The app puts a spiral wallpaper on your home screen, which naturally animates as you interact with your home screen, lockscreen, or perform gesture navigation swipes. It has over 200 custom wallpapers, and each wallpaper can be customized using remixes and styles. All wallpapers fully support dark mode as well and can automatically switch between dark and light mode depending on your system settings.

Launcher iOS 15 is a pretty new iOS launcher for Android, making its debut after the release of iOS 15. As the name says, this launcher brings the iOS 15 look and some features to your Android smartphone. The launcher comes preloaded with tons of iOS wallpapers, icon styles, and animations.

As the name suggests, OS14 Launcher will transform your Android into a phone that looks like it's running iOS 14. This launcher is an all-rounder package including an iOS-style home screen, control center, and app library.

I've had a device enrolled in the Android developer beta version of Nougat since the program was announced. For this review, I installed the new operating system via an over-the-air update on a Nexus 6P ($80.00 at Amazon) , one of the best Android phones on the market today.

As a journalist and a reviewer, I spend an inordinate amount of time in the Android Settings app, and I appreciate the changes Google has brought to this humble, yet essential, component in Nougat. As with the All Apps view in Marshmallow, the Settings app now shows suggestions at the top of the screen. If you've activated certain status-changing features, such as Do Not Disturb mode, that will appear here, too. Android is becoming more responsive to how you, individually, use your phone, and it's a great touch. 076b4e4f54


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