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The Descent 3 Full Movie Review: A Terrifying and Thrilling Conclusion to the Trilogy

the descent is one of the best horror movies to emerge from the 2000s and featured great performances and visceral gore. the movie's ending was changed for its u.s. release, where the last survivor sarah (shauna macdonald, star wars: the last jedi ) has a jump scare vision of a dead friend before cutting to credits. in the descent's original ending, it's revealed sarah dreamed her escape and is still trapped in the cave while the monsters are heard closing in.

the descent 3 full movie download

in recent years neil marshall has moved on to directing shows like game of thrones and comic book movies like hellboy, so given how lukewarm he felt about the first sequel, and his seeming hesitance toward revisiting the property, it seems doubtful he'll want to pursue the descent part 3. in fact, if anything he seems more interested in making dog soldiers 2. with the amount of time that's passed and his general lack of enthusiasm for making another sequel, it appears likely the descent part 3won't be moving forward, at least not anytime soon.

no we didnt get to see the end. but its not over yet. ed is going to have a proper film to finish. we didnt want to go too far. as far as we can get with the budget and the time. its a small budget, but we just wanted to make something that we could shoot quickly on the road, get a little bit of money out of it. because we dont have a budget for something big, but we cant afford not to take a risk. so we made a small movie in the desert, we feel lucky that we had that opportunity, and a lot of people will see it. and i hope people will enjoy the little glimpse of what is to come.


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