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Rent To Buy Instruments

At Rent My Instrument, your rental payments build equity towards eventual ownership of your instrument. Depending on your contract term, you acquire ownership after 24/36/48/60 monthly rental payments. You'll see your exact rent to own payment terms at checkout.

rent to buy instruments

Our Early Purchase Option allows you to buy early and save! Pay 50% of the remaining total rent at any time to own your instrument and save. See details for your rental at checkout. After starting your rental, You can view your amount for early purchase at any time by logging in to your account. Call 877-569-0240 to initiate your early purchase option.

Changing Instruments: Beginning musicians love to experiment, and that's a good thing! If you want to try a different instrument, ship it back for free and we'll send you your new instrument rental. Up to 50% of your rental payments accumulated will apply towards ownership of your new instrument. See our terms and conditions for full details.

Upgrading Instruments: We have beginner, intermediate, and professional-level instruments. If you've leveled up your skills and want to switch to an intermediate or professional instrument, excellent! We'll get you upgraded with free shipping, and up to 50% of your rental payments accumulated will apply towards ownership of your new instrument.

Early Purchase Option: Pay 50% of the remaining total rent at any time to own your instrument and save. See details at checkout. After starting your rental, make an early purchase at any time by logging in to your account.

Beginner - No real experience playing music on an instrument. One with little to no knowledge of music theory and musical language. Student level instruments are best for beginners due to affordability, durability, and ease of use. Ideal for elementary and middle school.

Intermediate - Comfortable on their instrument. Increased knowledge of music theory and musical language. Can play detailed passages with a fair amount of practice. Beginning to develop their individual voice on the instrument. Intermediate level instruments combine the affordability of a student instrument with more advanced features found on professional instruments.

Advanced/Professional - Have developed their full voice on their instrument. Extensive knowledge of music theory and musical language. Virtuosic and technical in their playing. Professional level instruments are the top models offered by manufacturers. They contain the latest features, best materials, and ornate detail.

Great option for advanced students. Buying an instrument is a fantastic option for committed musicians and advanced students who are past the beginner stage. If your child has invested time and effort into developing their talent and is serious about continuing on with their music education, buying an instrument may be your best option. While rental quality instruments are completely fine (and recommended) for beginners, accomplished student musicians may benefit from a more professional-level stringed instrument.

In the end, the decision to rent or buy a stringed instrument should be based on your own unique situation. Remember that finding the perfect instrument may take time, but it can still be a lot of fun. The whole shopping experience can be something you and your child do together and is a fantastic way to get them engaged, excited and enthusiastic about beginning (and hopefully continuing) their musical education.

Your son or daughter has decided they want to play a musical instrument in the elementary school or middle school band. This is a wonderful, constructive activity that can last for a lifetime. But, as with any important activity, there are decisions to be made. Besides selecting the best private lesson music teacher for your child, another important decision is whether you should rent or buy a band instrument.

Naturally, the specter of buying an band instrument, only to have the student lose interest a short time later, drives many parents to choose to rent rather than to buy. However, renting a band instrument is often not the right decision in the short term and renting is really never the right decision if the student does decide to keep playing.

For some parents this band rental option offers a quick and easy way of letting their child get started playing the instrument they have chosen. There is nothing wrong with this and many parents welcome the opportunity to get started quickly. However, renting in this manner is almost never the most cost effective way of getting started.

In addition, sometimes music stores will rent used instruments, band instruments that have been rented before. The finish on previously rented instruments is often worn and more serious repair issues may be present.

There are a couple of advantages to renting as opposed to buying, besides the convenience factor. One is that minor repairs are usually covered in a rental agreement. Another is that if the student does decide to stop playing before the end of the first year, renting can sometimes be a better financial decision than buying a new instrument.

In addition to financial considerations, another major advantage to buying a new band instrument, as opposed to renting, is that buying gives both students and parents a greater sense of commitment to playing and studying an instrument.

This can often translate into the student being further encouraged to keep playing the instrument they have chosen. It also provides additional motivation for the parent to encourage daily practice, an ingredient that is necessary for success in playing any instrument.

Band students develop self discipline and responsibility, but joining the band is like joining a new team and it may not be for everyone. Band instruments are expensive and no one wants to be stuck with an unused instrument deteriorating in the closet, garage or attic.

Your school band program may provide larger instruments like bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, french horn, baritone and tuba. Check with your band director for any associated fees to use school owned instruments.

Melhart Music has been the back bone of the Rio Grande Valley Music Community for forty years, and Melhart continues to understand the needs of our music community.Melhart has music teachers on staff to help you with you music education.Melhart has the most complete repair facilities in South Texas that not only includes band instrument repair, but also includes repair on violin and orchestra instruments, amplifiers, electronics, guitars, other fretted instruments, PA systems and all other musical equipment. Melhart Music goes far beyond the typical music store, and has one of the only full line service and sales facility in the state.Melhart advances in music production and therefore has the ability to help our customers in performance as well as in education and service.It is no wonder that Melhart has consistently been named in the Monitor poll for many years as the Best Music Store in McAllen.

Melhart Music Center is the leading innovator of rental purchase plans in Texas. Melhart Music has introduced the leading brands of music instruments in the Rio Grande Valley and continues to be the leader in musical instrument brand inauguration in the Rio Grande Valley and in Texas. Melhart is the leader in service for band and orchestra instruments as well as electronic and stringed instruments. No where else in Texas and most of the United States will you find such dedication from personnel who are committed to making sure that your musical experience can be as good as you want it to be. Melhart Music Center is a Rio Grande Valley tradition and is the longest operating full music store in South Texas.

NO INTEREST - RENT UNTIL YOU OWNReturnable anytime, 100% of rent applies toward rental or step up instruments. Rental agreements are registered with the Department of Licensing and Regulation. Instruments are Band Director Approved Name Brand Instrument. Melhart is unsurpassed in the Rio Grande Valley.

Student instruments are built to be durable in the inexperienced hands of a beginning player, sometimes at the sacrifice of sound quality to keep the cost down. With a more advanced instrument, manufacturers are able to retain the durability, but also take more care in making sure the instrument performs at a high level as a more experienced player will be using and taking care of it.

You can, of course, purchase your instrument outright. This will be the least expensive option, but it also offers the least flexibility. If your student decides that music is not for them (it happens!) then you will still be the proud owner. Most educator-approved branded instruments depreciate in value, but not rapidly. If you decide to sell a gently used band or orchestra instrument, you will be able to recoup about half of its value. As an example, if you purchase a new violin outfit for $600, and resell it when it is about one year old, you could reasonably expect to sell it for about $300. Your monthly cost would then be about $25/month for the time that you owned it.

Many parents with hopeful young musicians struggle with whether to buy a violin or to have their child get started with a rental instrument. The logic being that your son or daughter may want to change to a different instrument after the first year or give up. Or, if your child is very young, the thought of having to buy multiple instruments until he or she is ready for a full size violin might make renting seem like the attractive solution.

And although there are a variety of reasons why buying a violin, as opposed to renting one, is simply a much better option for many new students, renting your violin can often present many attractive benefits as well, depending on your particular situation. This information can help you make the best decision for your budding musician. 041b061a72


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