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The Blood Stained Intrigue Hindi Dub.rar Torrent: Where to Watch and What to Expect

The Blood Stained Intrigue: A Wuxia Drama with a Cult Following

If you are a fan of wuxia, martial arts, or historical dramas, you might have heard of The Blood Stained Intrigue, a Hong Kong TV series that aired in 1986. But did you know that this series has a huge fan base in India, where it was dubbed in Hindi and broadcasted on national television? In this article, we will explore the history, popularity, and availability of this classic wuxia drama that has captivated millions of viewers across continents and generations.

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What is The Blood Stained Intrigue?

The Blood Stained Intrigue is a 40-episode TV series produced by TVB, a Hong Kong broadcasting company. It is based on a novel by Gu Long, a famous wuxia writer. Wuxia is a genre of Chinese fiction that features stories of martial arts heroes in ancient China. The series is also known as Shen Jian Mo Dao in Mandarin, or 神劍魔刀 in Chinese characters.

The plot of the series

The series follows the adventures and conflicts of the Bak family, a clan of martial artists who are hunted down by the rest of the martial arts world. The Bak family consists of the father, Bak Fung Tin, the mother, and their three children: Jin Man, Yuk Ying, and Jin Mo. Bak Fung Tin is accused of murdering the leaders of four powerful sects, and his family is targeted for revenge. Along the way, they encounter allies and enemies, love and betrayal, secrets and revelations. The series is full of action, suspense, drama, and romance.

The cast and characters

The series features a star-studded cast of Hong Kong actors and actresses, many of whom are still active and popular today. Some of the main cast members are:

  • Jimmy Au as Bak Jin Mo, the youngest son of the Bak family. He is brave, loyal, and skilled in swordplay. He falls in love with Hong Chor Kwun, a female martial artist who helps him escape from his enemies.

  • Ng Sai Mei as Hong Chor Kwun, the daughter of Hong Yat Kiu, the leader of the Red Flower Society. She is smart, kind, and courageous. She disguises herself as a man to join her father's organization and meets Bak Jin Mo along the way.

  • Yung Wai Man as Bak Yuk Ying, the only daughter of the Bak family. She is beautiful, gentle, and talented in music. She is betrothed to Wa Sau Fung, a young master from a wealthy family who loves her dearly.

  • Frances Lau as Sum Bik, a mysterious woman who claims to be Bak Fung Tin's lover. She is cunning, seductive, and manipulative. She schemes to destroy the Bak family and take their fortune.

  • Lisa Lui as Juk Ki Seung/Juk Ki Yan, a twin sister who has two different personalities. Juk Ki Seung is sweet, innocent, and naive. Juk Ki Yan is cold, ruthless, and vengeful. They both have a crush on Bak Jin Man, the eldest son of the Bak family.

  • Chan Wing Chun as Wa Sau Fung, the son of Wa Tin Lung, the leader of the Wa family. He is handsome, rich, and generous. He is engaged to Bak Yuk Ying and tries to protect her from harm.

The production and reception



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