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One Piece Episode 779 !!TOP!!

Cabinet of Curious Clay is dark, decorative, and functional pottery created by Lindsay Keating in her ceramics studio in Coatesville, PA. Lindsay references historical imagery in her work as well as creating her own original artwork. Her designs are translated into her pottery through sgraffito (carving) techniques, painting and sculpting. Lindsay throws each piece individually on the pottery wheel. Lindsay does not use decals or printing but rather each design is done totally freehand and uniquely created.

One Piece Episode 779


Baltigo, the once mysterious island that served as the general headquarters of the Revolutionary Army, has been destroyed. What other information will Monkey D. Luffy and his crew learn from the devastating news in the next episode of "One Piece"?

While the previous episode mostly served as mere recaps of Tony Tony Chopper's past and Tin-Plate Wapol's return to power, along with the much lighter portion of the Straw Hats welcoming Carrot into the Thousand Sunny, the next episode will feature more details about the news Pedro discovered at the end of episode 778.

The attack on Baltigo will be revealed to have been the work of Luffy's arch-nemesis, Blackbeard. The preview for the upcoming episode also teases the appearance of the Yonko pirate, Kaido of the Beasts, who is nurturing a grudge against Luffy and Trafalgar D. Water Law. He will also be issuing a threat on what he deems to be the worst generation yet.

(Facebook/One Piece)"One Piece" episode 780 is the beginning of the "Marine Rookie" story arc of the anime.After a week of hiatus, the long-running "One Piece" anime is finally returning tomorrow with its episode 780 that will pick up from where its episode 779 left off.

To recall, the previous episode of "One Piece" featured the Straw Hats making a mistake by allowing Luffy to step into the kitchen in the absence of their chef. While Luffy has the best of intentions, unfortunately, he knows nothing about food except for eating.

As the kitchen was left unattended, the stove burst in flames, leaving the Straw Hats with nothing to eat, and this will be the predicament they will have to deal with in tomorrow's episode 780, which comes with the title "A Hungry Front! Luffy and the Navy Rookies!"

According to spoiler reports, the upcoming episode will feature Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats coming across a Navy Frontline found on an isolated island. As the Straw Hats are known for being unmindful of any danger that they encounter, it goes without saying that they will take a chance on restocking food by intruding the Navy Frontline.

Dr. Price stands too close to us and the hairs on the backs of our necks rise. He guides our hands when we brush dirt from delicate bone, tucks a piece of hair behind our ears. He cracks jokes and entertains us at dinner. He offers letters of recommendation. He lingers in our door at night. He invites us out to watch the stars.

On this episode of The Juicebox Podcast, I'll be speaking with Barbara, she's an adult living with type one diabetes who I had on the show because of what she did for a living. I of course, then almost exclusively didn't talk to her about that. I don't know, I don't know what's wrong with me. While you're listening, please remember that nothing you hear on the Juicebox Podcast should be considered advice, medical or otherwise, always consult a physician before making any changes to your healthcare plan, or becoming bold with insulin. Are you sitting there right now thinking Yes, Scott, I am a US resident who has type one diabetes, or perhaps you're thinking I am a US resident, and I'm the caregiver of someone with type one. If these are things that you think about yourself, I need you to go to T one D Forward slash juicebox. Join the registry, fill out the survey completely. That's what I need. That's it. Take you 10 minutes. If you're fast taking nine minutes if you're slow 12 I'm not with you. I don't know exactly how well your type says a quick survey helps people with type one diabetes. Nothing's hard or confusing about it won't take you long supports people with type one might help you out. Definitely helps me out T one D Forward slash juicebox. This episode of The Juicebox Podcast is sponsored by touched by type one and touched by type ones dancing for diabetes show is coming up quickly. Head over right now to touched by type To learn more about it and buy yourself some tickets. today's podcast is also sponsored by the Contour Next One blood glucose meter. You can learn more about the Contour Next One, and even buy it online. At contour next forward slash juice box get the accurate blood glucose meter that my daughter uses at contour next forward slash juice box. This show is sponsored today by the glucagon that my daughter carries G voc hypo pen. Find out more at G voc Forward slash juicebox. Said Barbara I'm gonna start the recording. I don't want to. So I'm sorry. Say that again using a suitcase as a desk and

Barbara Westberg 4:17Um, pretty much anything except for you know, brain surgery, things like that, or be a diabetic educator. You know, life gave me those skills. But there's a lot of management involved in Recreation and Tourism Management. So anywhere where I put your mouse around, I've got this educational foundation. And also, I can take an event that is falling to pieces and somehow make the people who bought tickets to it not understand that everything is falling into place. says,

Barbara Westberg 9:1745 years ago, my mother was a registered nurse and was told that diabetes only especially type one only ran in families. So there was something wrong with me that was not diabetes. And finally she carried me into our family physician's office, and he said, drive her to the hospital don't wait for an ambulance and actually died in the emergency room. And it was something That was incredibly stressful, because every time my mother would share this news, I remember hearing, oh, she must have got that from the other side of the family. Well, no, I, I actually didn't need another diabetic until I was in high school. Didn't know anyone who had it was lucky enough to have a trained medical professional as a mother. But she was completely unprepared to for having a child diagnosed with type one. And I was hospitalized. And it was maybe five days. And I fully expected to leave the hospital and leave all of these injections and things behind me. However, the injections followed me because that was the way we managed one shot a day, there were two different types of insulin. They were I believe they were pork derived insulin that she mixed together in one syringe. And I needed to urinate into a cup and use an eyedropper to put drops on this little like, looked like a as, or something like a little piece of candy. But drop that into a glass test two, and then put drops of urine on top of that and see what color it turned, which basically was telling me nothing useful.

Barbara Westberg 13:03Oh, I don't know how I lived through my teenage years that rebelling the even as a small child like the rebellion and means strong. And doing things like sneaking Halloween candy. So Oh, so you know, as a child in the 70s. Basically, one of the other things they told us was just stop eating sugar altogether. Okay, you know, the the thought of eating a cup of rice was no problem. But having one piece of hard candy. No, you can't do that. So we've come so far. And yeah,

Barbara Westberg 14:55And for me what this really bring comes to light is that every diabetic is responsible for their own care. Or to have a great team of of parents or caregivers, and doctors and nurses and health care professionals. There's a lot to know. And you're in your, what number episode of this podcast, and I'm sure you learn something new or have a different take every time you talk to someone new on your podcast. Sure, yeah. It's a lifetime of learning when it comes to diabetes. And I'm, I'm still getting it wrong sometimes. Yeah. And the thought that someone who, like, I never saw an endocrinologist until I was in my teens. So my family doctor is supposed to know how to manage diabetes. That was an unrealistic expectation,

Scott Benner 17:56Well, I just talked to somebody today today, because I guess I'm doubling up my episodes trying to make up for my my foolhardiness of going away for a week and 25 years ago diagnosed. So 25 years ago, it's nine 2022. That's only like 97 Maybe. And they used to beef and pork for a little bit. You might have used it for a long time. Right.

Scott Benner 53:56thought of you. Yeah, you know, I was contacted once by a person who said that they wanted to put on an event where I was the speaker. And they had all these big ideas. And it was I mean, it was a little overwhelming all the stuff that they thought they were going to do. And I kept saying, like, I don't think I can attract that many people to an in person event. And they were like, No, you can you can I was like, I was like, I felt like I was being tucked into something you don't I mean, and I just thought like, I finally I said, Okay, well, you know, if you think we can get enough people together, that it'll pay for itself. You know, I don't want anybody to like I don't want anybody to work for free. I don't want you know, that kind of thing. And then I it became obvious that the person was like, look like this isn't totally out of the kindness of my heart, like I'll plan the event, but this is how much we're charging and I'm taking a piece of it. And I thought even like I was like well, that's fair that they you know, all that is obviously fair. But then the number they came up with was like shocking to me. And the conversation started going like I think people would pay this much and the I said, No, I'm not doing this. I was like, I'm not like you're not taking in my name, you're not taking hundreds of dollars from people to come to a thing. And it was interesting how they, they put it, I'm not saying this is you, I'm just saying, like, it's making me remember this whole like thing. They're like, Well, if we charge this much, and this many people come, here's how much money you're gonna get. I'm like, I don't care. I'm I'm not doing that. So I left the situation disappointed, because I thought the idea was solid. But I was not comfortable with people having to spend so much money to do something like that. Anyway, it's, uh, I think this is, I think this podcast is a much better way of reaching people to be perfectly honest. But, I mean, I would do it, you know, I mean, like, I can see where it would be fun. Like, I'm trying to imagine myself. And there's all these people that have been on the show that could come and speak as well. And I think it would be cool. And I think it would be helpful. And I would love to gather up a bunch of people with diabetes and let them all be in one place and meet each other that I think is that I think would be amazing. But you know, I don't know, it. It seemed like a lot of money to me. So anyway. 041b061a72


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