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Ogc Aimbot Download 19

OGC Aimbot Download 19: How to Get and Use the Best Aimbot for FPS Games

If you are looking for a way to dominate your enemies in first-person shooter games, you might be interested in OGC Aimbot 19. This is a cheat program that allows you to automatically aim and shoot at your opponents with perfect accuracy and speed. In this article, we will explain what OGC Aimbot 19 is, how to download and install it, and how to use it effectively.

ogc aimbot download 19


What is OGC Aimbot 19?

OGC Aimbot 19 is a color-based aimbot that works on CS:GO, CS1.6, BF1, BF4, TitanFall 2, and other FPS games. It uses the AutoHotkey scripting language to detect the color of your enemy's model and move your mouse cursor to their head or body. It also has features such as FOV (field of view) adjustment, aim lock speed control, trigger bot, and more. OGC Aimbot 19 is based on an older version of OGC Aimbot that was released in 2009 for Counter-Strike 1.6 . It has been reworked and updated by different developers over the years.

How to Download and Install OGC Aimbot 19?

To download and install OGC Aimbot 19, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Download the OGC Aimbot 19 file from a reliable source. You can find it on various cheat forums or websites, such as UnknownCheats or MPGH. Make sure you scan the file with an antivirus program before opening it.

  • Extract the file using a program like WinRAR or 7-Zip. You should see a folder named OGC Aimbot V1.0 with two files inside: OGC Aimbot V1.0.exe and OGC Aimbot V1.0.ahk.

  • Install AutoHotkey from This is a free and open-source scripting language that allows you to create macros and automate tasks on your computer.

  • Run the OGC Aimbot V1.0.exe file as an administrator. This will launch the aimbot program and show you a menu with different options and settings.

  • Run the OGC Aimbot V1.0.ahk file by double-clicking on it or right-clicking on it and choosing Run Script. This will activate the aimbot script that will detect the color of your enemy's model and move your mouse cursor accordingly.

How to Use OGC Aimbot 19 Effectively?

To use OGC Aimbot 19 effectively, you will need to adjust some settings and follow some tips:

  • In the aimbot menu, you can change the FOV (field of view) value to increase or decrease the area where the aimbot will work. A higher FOV means a wider area, but also a higher chance of detection by anti-cheat systems. A lower FOV means a narrower area, but also a lower chance of detection and more accuracy.

  • You can also change the aim lock speed value to increase or decrease the speed at which the aimbot will move your mouse cursor to your enemy's head or body. A higher speed means a faster movement, but also a higher chance of detection and more recoil. A lower speed means a slower movement, but also a lower chance of detection and less recoil.

  • You can enable or disable the trigger bot feature by pressing F5. The trigger bot will automatically fire your weapon when your crosshair is over an enemy's model. This can save you time and ammo, but also make you more obvious to other players.

  • You can toggle the aimbot on or off by pressing F6. You should only use the aimbot when you are in combat or when you are sure that no one is watching you. You should also avoid using it on every enemy you see, as this will make you look suspicious and unnatural.

  • You can choose between headshot mode or bodyshot mode by pressing F7. Headshot mode will make the aimbot target your enemy's head, which will result in instant kills but also more misses and more attention from other players. Bodyshot mode will make the aimbot target your enemy's body, which will result in more hits but also less damage and more time to kill.

  • You can exit the aimbot program by pressing F8. You should always exit the program before closing your game or turning off your computer, as this will prevent any errors or crashes.

What are the Benefits and Risks of Using OGC Aimbot 19?

Using OGC Aimbot 19 can have some benefits and risks for your gaming experience. Here are some of them:


  • You can improve your performance and skills in FPS games. You can get more kills, more wins, more points, and more rewards. You can also learn from your enemies' movements and strategies.

  • You can have more fun and enjoyment in FPS games. You can experiment with different weapons, modes, maps, and tactics. You can also challenge yourself by facing stronger opponents or playing on harder difficulties.

  • You can impress your friends and other players with your skills and achievements. You can show off your stats, ranks, badges, and trophies. You can also make new friends and join communities of like-minded gamers.


  • You can get detected and banned by anti-cheat systems or game developers. You can lose your account, progress, items, and reputation. You can also face legal consequences or lawsuits for violating the terms of service or the intellectual property rights of the game.

  • You can ruin the game balance and fairness for other players. You can make the game too easy or too hard for yourself and others. You can also cause frustration, anger, and resentment among other players who play legitimately.

  • You can lose your interest and satisfaction in FPS games. You can make the game too boring or too repetitive for yourself. You can also lose your sense of achievement, challenge, and improvement.

How to Avoid Detection and Ban When Using OGC Aimbot 19?

If you decide to use OGC Aimbot 19, you should be aware of the risks and take some precautions to avoid detection and ban by anti-cheat systems or game developers. Here are some tips:

  • Use the aimbot sparingly and discreetly. Do not use it on every enemy you see or on every game you play. Do not use it on public servers or on official matches. Do not use it on high-profile or competitive games.

  • Adjust the aimbot settings to make it look more natural and human-like. Do not use a high FOV or a high speed that will make your aim look unnatural or robotic. Do not use a headshot mode that will make your aim look too perfect or unrealistic. Do not use a trigger bot that will make your fire rate look too fast or consistent.

  • Use a VPN or a proxy to hide your IP address and location. This will make it harder for anti-cheat systems or game developers to track you down or identify you. It will also protect you from DDoS attacks or IP bans.

  • Use a clean account or a dummy account to play with the aimbot. Do not use your main account or an account that has valuable items, progress, or reputation. This will minimize the damage if you get detected or banned.

  • Use a reputable source or a trusted provider to download and install the aimbot. Do not use a random link or a shady website that might contain viruses, malware, spyware, or keyloggers. Do not use a cracked version or a modified version that might have backdoors, trojans, or rootkits.



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