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Where To Buy Standard Process Vitamins ((NEW))

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where to buy standard process vitamins

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Ideal Chiropractic is proud to carry Standard Process vitamins. Standard Process is locally made in Palmyra, Wisconsin. Standard Process vitamins are whole-food vitamins, whereas most vitamins are man-made in a lab. Standard Process has an organic farm where they grow their own fruits and vegetables. They are then harvested and taken just down the road from the farm, ground up and made into vitamins. Your body then recognizes these vitamins as food, and it is readily absorbed in the body. Many of the popular brands of vitamins are man-made in a lab, your body recognizes it as foreign or unusable, and the majority of the vitamin is simply excreted in the urine.

More details about Standard Process are listed below. You can also visit their website at To set up a nutrition consultation with Dr. Jessica, contact the office at 920-907-1700. 041b061a72


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