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Shoe Buying App

Looking to buy shoes online that provide comfort and style? TOMS offers an array of new shoe styles for men, women, kids and gear. If you're looking for the perfect pair of shoes for men, we offer a variety of men's slip ons, sneakers, dress shoes, boots and more. Our classic alpargatas come with durable traction pads and ultimate comfort for all the adventures life brings you on.

shoe buying app

If you're on the hunt for new shoes that you and your kids will love, we offer matching styles, kids sneakers, boots, and more to keep your children comfortable throughout their active lifestyles. Our slip ons for kids are easy to put on and remove, making them the perfect shoe for toddlers and children.

If you're searching for accessories that will pair well with your new shoes, we offer new sunglasses, tees, hoodies, as well as other accessories like hats, and socks. From boots to tennis shoes to gear, TOMS has the perfect pair of footwear and apparel for you and your family.

PHILADELPHIA, June 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Jenzy announced today that it has launched a new foot-sizing and eCommerce app that makes it easy to buy perfectly fitted shoes for young children online. It's incredibly hard to figure out the right size shoe to buy for young children online. Across shoe brands and even within shoe brands, sizing standards are nonexistent; and while there are websites that offer sizing charts and measurement tools, they are often confusing and not specific to a particular brand and style. In fact, studies show that 70 percent of kids are wearing the wrong size shoes. Jenzy's sizing technology overcomes these inconsistencies and provides specific size recommendations according to brand and style, ensuring the perfect fit every time.

Jenzy matches a child's foot measurements, calculated by the app, with the proper shoe size by brand and style. Jenzy only recommends brands that are developmentally appropriate for children, making it easy for parents to confidently buy perfectly fitting shoes for their children without leaving home. Every shoe recommended is comfortable, durable and designed with a child's developmental stage and active lifestyle in mind.

"We have heard stories from moms of all ages who time and again go through the struggle of trying to get the perfect size shoe for their child, only to end up back at the store or back at the post office to return shoes that didn't fit," said Eve Ackerley, Co-Founder of Jenzy. "Through the Jenzy app, we hope to take away parents' frustration and show them that shopping for stylish shoes for their child can be quick and easy without sacrificing quality."

"I am so excited for an app that allows parents to buy online with confidence! With many different sizing charts and quickly growing feet, this is going to be a must-have going forward," said Rebecca Aston, Founder and Managing Partner, Aston Baby. "We are honored to be a part of this impressive innovation and we know it will change the retail landscape for kids shoes."

Jenzy is now selling shoes to fit infants to 6 year olds from numerous mom-approved brands, including Pediped, Morgan & Milo, Tip Toey Joey, Aston Baby, Poco Nido, Livie & Luca, The Original Salt-Water Sandal, New Balance, See Kai Run and more. To download the Jenzy app, visit =8.

About JenzyJenzy is an early stage technology company headquartered in Philadelphia that utilizes highly accurate foot sizing technology to output personalized size recommendations in healthy shoes for young children. Through its app, Jenzy makes online shoe buying easy and convenient, and ensures that young children, ages 0-6, get the right fit in the right shoe every time. Jenzy only recommends brands that are developmentally appropriate for children, making it easy for parents to confidently make online shoe purchases they can feel good about. To learn more about Jenzy, visit

"Fit is such a big friction point for our customers," said Michael Martin, Nike's global head of digital products. "We reached a point of realizing this was not just the biggest problem but biggest transformational opportunity that we have. ... No matter how good the shoe is, if the foot doesn't fit well within the shoe, you're not going to get peak performance from it."

And, worse news for consumers, wearing the wrong size shoes can lead to injuries that can sideline them from playing a sport or from going to the gym. Foot injuries can also keep you from going to work. At least 60,000 foot injuries are responsible for keeping Americans out of the office each year, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Invertex CEO David Bleicher said many companies were approaching him and his colleagues by 2017 for their technology. But he said Invertex ultimately chose to work Nike, viewing the retailer as an "innovation powerhouse." Bleicher now heads a digital studio for Nike in Tel Aviv, where he says Invertex is working to solve "many other challenges" in the industry. "The bigger vision is to [help Nike] create better shoes," he said.

The shoe sizing system is archaic, dating to the 1330s. It's somewhat of an urban legend that the reigning king of England in 1334 wanted a pair of shoes custom made for him. And when they didn't fit, he grew angry and decided to make some standard system of measurement, because there was none. The legend goes he declared three barleycorns, or grains of barley, were equal to an inch. And so 21 barleycorns became equivalent to a size 7 shoe, for example.

Fast forward to 1925, and the Brannock Device was made. That was an attempt by Charles Brannock to perfect the barleycorn method, adding a width measurement. You know, that (horribly uncomfortable) silver, metal tray that you slide your foot into, moving around little bars, to find your shoe size? That same Brannock is still found in Macy's shoe departments, Foot Lockers and DSWs across the country today.

A Brooklyn-based company called Atoms, which sells its shoes to people only through invitations, has designed its sneakers in quarter sizes and will send customers three pairs at once. Then, a shopper can pick the two shoes that fit the left and right foot best, even if they're different quarter sizes.

Outside of shoes, bra-maker ThirdLove has embraced the idea of creating the perfect fit for women. It has a "fit finder" tool on its website for shoppers to answer questions and then receive personalized bra recommendations.

Beyond educating its customers on sizing, and hopefully helping more people avoid injuries from wearing the wrong size shoe, this technology could also be a financial boon for Nike, with its dominant position in the sneaker industry.

Shoe sales were up 6% last year, excluding currency changes, thanks to strength in running, Nike said. But that was less than the 8% growth in footwear revenues in 2017, as Nike didn't sell as many Jordan shoes in 2018.

It can also help Nike stock the right inventory. Martin explained that Nike, like many shoe brands, typically ships shoes in bulk to different regions based on a standard "curve" that's long predicted for the industry how many people typically wear each shoe size. But he said that curve is not as exact as it could be. And so it's easy for companies to end up with too many size 10 sneakers in one market, when it's really the 9 that more of those people need to be wearing, for example. Data gathered from Nike Fit should help the company make its own curve of sorts.

With a million tiny holes in the membrane layer, water in vapour form (sweat) and heat can pass through the tiny holes but water molecules are too large to pass. This means the waterproofing will last the lifespan of your shoes... Unless of course you create a larger hole in the material!

The SNKRS app is one of the ways Nike has come up with to combat bots that have been used by sneaker resellers to cop sneakers as quickly as possible. Even though reselling is not illegal and is also an undeniably big part of the sneaker community, brands do want to give more people a fair chance at getting the shoes they want at retail prices as well.

First of all, make sure you turn on push notifications for the SNKRS app so you will always get notified about draws for exclusive shoes ASAP. You can also follow Nike on Twitter @nikestore where they will tweet a link to the draw for the shoes. Quickly head over to the page as these draws only go on for a limited time with a countdown clock.

When the draw is ongoing, choose the shoe and size you want (you should have already input your payment methods to make this process faster, you will only be charged if you won the raffle). If you are wondering how long it will take after a SNKRS draw to notify you of the results, Nike will email purchase information and order confirmations to those who were selected within 24 hours from the countdown expiry, and also to those who did not get it. As a Nike member, you should have free shipping or you can opt to pick up the shoes at the nearest store once you have successfully snagged a pair.

Beyond the hardware aspect, opting for PayPal over Apple Pay as a payment method is supposedly faster as it helps the app recognise you are not a bot. Another trick that is rumored to work is to switch your gender to female on the app for better chances as majority of the users are male, well no harm trying. Finally, remember to do your research before copping the sneakers you want, like the bid and ask prices on StockX for each size to know the competition. If you are collecting for yourself you will know if your size is high in demand, and if you are a reseller you can make a decision whether to cop the popular sizes or less popular ones (which may have less competition and also less supply hence the profits might be higher if one is desperate to get the shoe in that size).

BitPay has partnered with a number of top shoe sellers to accept crypto payments, from upmarket luxury brands to everyday wear. No matter your needs, tastes or budget, you should have no problem finding a shoe store that accepts Bitcoin. Browse our Merchant Directory for a complete list of places you can buy clothes and more with crypto. Here are some of the top shoe brands and retailers that accept crypto. 041b061a72


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