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How to Download Facebook for iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2 without iTunes

Basically, you install itunes on a computer. login with the same apple id you use on your iphone. Download app in itunes. Now, go to your iphone. Goto the list of app you have download. You will see the facetime app. Tap on install or whatever. Will get a message asking if you want the old version. tap yes. Old version will now be installed.

facebook for iphone 4 ios 7.1.2 download

If you are still using an iPhone 4 and searching for download Facebook for iPhone 4 then you are in right in place in this post we will show how you can be able to install Facebook on iPhone 4 which can be downloaded right now however the App in Upgraded on iOS 8 and other apps also moved to iOS 8 e.g Snapchat for iOS 7.1.2Most of the App Store Apps are currently running on iOS 8 but there is still few Apps on App Store currently supporting iOS 7.1.2 firmware but who knows when they also shifted to later iOS versions but if you are using an iPhone 4 not 3g and 3gs Facebook can also be install but need jailbreak otherwise it won,t install on iOS 7.1.2 you can download Facebook with no Jailbreak Here what i Download

In addition to installing but requiring a jailbreak, you can also install Facebook on iOS 7.1.2; however, we will not show you any cydia tweaks that we intend to showcase on most App Store apps. Instead, we will show you how to install Facebook on your iPhone 4 using its If you have an iPhone 4, you can use it to download previous versions of apps. As a result, Facebook is now available on the iPhone 4. If this works for you, please comment.


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