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Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Heather Langenkamp lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband Chase and their young son Dylan. She is recognized for her role as Nancy Thompson from the A Nightmare on Elm Street film series before focusing her career on television. One night, she has a nightmare that her family is attacked by a set of animated Freddy Krueger claws from an upcoming Nightmare film, where two workers are brutally killed on set. Waking up to an earthquake, she spies a cut on Chase's finger exactly like the one he had received in her dream, but she quickly dismisses the notion that it was caused by the claws.

Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Heather receives a call from an obsessed fan who quotes Freddy Krueger's nursery rhyme in an eerie, Freddy-like voice. This coincides with a meeting she has with New Line Cinema where she is pitched the idea to reprise her role as Nancy in a new Nightmare film, which, unbeknownst to her, Chase has been working on. She returns home, and sees Dylan watching her original film, and Dylan has a severely traumatizing episode where he screams at her. The frequent calls and Dylan's strange behavior cause her to call Chase, and he agrees to rush home from his workplace at Palm Springs as the two men from the opening dream did not report in for work. Chase falls asleep while driving and is slashed by Freddy's claw and dies. His death seems to affect Dylan even further, which concerns Heather's long-time friend and former co-star John Saxon. He suggests she seek medical attention for Dylan and herself after she has a nightmare at Chase's funeral in which Freddy tries to take Dylan away.

Dylan's health continues to deteriorate, becoming increasingly paranoid about going to sleep, and fearing Freddy Krueger, even though Heather has never shown Dylan her films. She visits Nightmare creator Wes Craven, who admits to having precognitive nightmares that the films captured an ancient supernatural entity, which has now been freed after the film series ended with the release of Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare. In the guise of Freddy, the entity now focuses its primary foe on Heather, as killing her will allow it into the real world. Robert Englund, who portrayed Freddy in the films, also has a strange knowledge of it, describing the new Freddy to Heather, then disappearing from all contact shortly thereafter.

Heather is a guest on a morning talk show the very same day, where they discuss the 10th anniversary of the "Nightmare" films. Also, as part of the talk show line-up, Robert Englund as himself tears through a screen dressed up as Freddy Krueger to surprise Heather, Heather is slightly disturbed by this. Producer Bob Shaye asks Heather to visit his office at New Line Cinema, and explains that Wes Craven is working on a script for the new and final "Nightmare" film. Heather is asked to reprise her role as main character "Nancy", but decides against it with her own recent nightmares, disturbing phone calls, and disgruntlement over her son's change in behavior. Bob explains that her husband Chase Porter is also working on the film and he is creating a scary new glove for Freddy, much to Heather's dismay.

After a short sleep in Dylan's room, Heather wakes to discover Dylan is gone, she goes downstairs and finds Dylan in another episode. Heather finally takes Dylan to the hospital, there a doctor asks if Dylan said anything during his trance, Heather says "No" but the doctor later gets it out of her that Dylan has been doing Freddy-like actions and singing Freddy's theme. Later, Julie (Dylan's babysitter) shows up at the hospital and tells Heather she had a nightmare about him.

He apparently died for once and all in "Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare" (1991), the sixth film in the series, but that was exactly the problem: The "Nightmare" movies had generat ed an evil force which, once liberated by Freddy's death, was set free to haunt the nightmares of the people involved in making the movies.

Considering that Craven's original nightmare movie was famously inspired by a series of Los Angeles Times articles about people who told relatives of their fears of killer nightmares - and then died the next night - it would seem as if Craven and his cast are asking for trouble here. That's part of the fascination, as "Wes Craven's New Nightmare" dances back and forth across the line separating fantasy from reality. This is the first horror movie that is actually about the question, "Don't you people ever think about the effect your movies have on the people who watch them?" As the movie opens, Langenkamp is happily married to a movie special effects guy (David Newsom), and dotes on their young son Dylan (Miko Hughes). Then a series of tragedies and alarming omens take place - including the real Los Angeles earthquake, which is seamlessly, inserted into the plot. She's terrified. At the same time, other members of the "Nightmare" movies have had their sleep haunted by dreams suggesting, well, that the nightmare is not over.

the consequence of working in arts and production and being able to turn your dreams into reality is that you can inadvertently do the same with your nightmares. an excellent piece of metafiction horror where the monster known for infiltrating our fantasies infiltrates the ultimate collective fantasy in some of the scariest, most delirious setpieces craven ever conjured up. miss him so much

He quickly lost control over the character as his story started to influence real-life and his writings slowly started to become reality, with Freddy trying to escape the fantasy realm and become real. It began with a nightmare, Heather Langenkamp has. The new mechanical claw that they are going to use in the film, attacked and killed two of the workers in this dream, before setting chase after Heather, her husband Chase and their son Dylan. Later, when she was awake, someone she believed to be an obsessed fan called her, singing Freddy's nursery rhyme in a voice similar to that Robert Englund's Freddy Krueger. This new Freddy slowly started to manipulate Dylan, leading the boy to act strange, too much concern of his mother, Heather. When she tried to discuss this with Chase, it is revealed that the two workers who died in her dream didn't reported to work. Chase promised to discuss Dylan's behavior when he got home but Freddy interfered, causing him to fall asleep behind the wheel and kill him in his sleep. Chase' death was ruled as the result of a car accident and no further attention to it was given by the authorities.

Freddy Krueger was concepted as a fictional character but through unknown means, it managed to become real and started to haunt people in the real world. Just like his original version, this Freddy was able to haunt the dreams of people killing them in these nightmares. He appeared to be able to kill people in other people's dreams, so they died in real life. This way, he killed two of Heather's co-workers in her dream, after which these went missing and later, he killed Julie in Dylan's dream, ending the young woman's life in real life as well. He needed people to believe in him existing as the more fear he was able to create, the stronger he became, enabling him to fully appear in Dylan's dream eventually. He did need an enemy however and got this in the form of Heather Langenkamp when she adopted the persona of Nancy Thompson again. This allowed him to appear in the real world shortly, after which he kidnapped Dylan. He escaped the pages of the script in such a way that Wes Craven had started to write reality instead of fiction and couldn't alter anything that was about to happen. In his own realm, he was able to manipulate his own body, like stretching his tongue a few meters long to grab Dylan. However, unlike the Freddy Krueger he was impersonating, this Freddy could be harmed in the dream world.

After a short sleep in Dylan's room, Heather wakes to discover Dylan is gone, she goes downstairs and finds Dylan in another episode. Heather finally takes Dylan to the hospital, there a doctor asks if Dylan said anything during his trance, Heather says "No" but the doctor later gets it out of her that Dylan has been doing Freddy-like actions and singing Freddy's theme. Later, Julie (Dylan's babysitter) shows up at the hospital and tells Heather she had a nightmare about him. Soon, two nurses want to sedate Dylan, but Julie had been instructed by Heather to not let Dylan fall asleep while she goes home to get Rex. Julie ends up punching a nurse and threatening another with a needle (cameo appearance by Wes Craven's daughter), and locks the door. Meanwhile, Heather tried to leave but had been stopped by security guards to be questioned by the doctor, the doctor suspects Heather is insane, and tries to get her to agree to foster care. Next, Dylan drifts to sleep, Freddy appears in the locked hospital room and brutally slays Julie.(ironically in the same fashion as Tina Gray in the first film) The nurses unlock the doors, and discover the murder in progress. They run, but Heather is concerned where Dylan went, the doctor realizes Heather is right. Heather soon remembers home, (previously she comforted Dylan by telling him their home is right across the freeway from the hospital). She discovers a giant Freddy dangling Dylan from above traffic. She arrives home and finds Dylan, but Freddy begins to manipulate the world around her, causing her to become Nancy and her house to become the house on Elm Street. By forcing Heather to accept the role he wants her to play, Freddy rises out from Dylan's bed and is fully in the real world. Heather runs inside and into Dylan's room only to find him gone, and the toy dinosaur Dylan believed was protecting him totally eviscerated by Freddy.

It started its attack by killing Charles Wilson and Terrance Feinstein, two special effects technicians working on the new Nightmare on Elm Street film by making a robotic claw. Heather saw the attack in a nightmare and was shocked when she learned of their deaths. The Entity then attacks Heather's husband, Chase, killing him and making it look like a car accident, though the claw marks on his torso made Heather suspicious. Heather talks to Robert Englund about seeing Freddy, but Freddy was scarier. Robert completed it by saying darker, more evil, indicating the Entity was affecting Englund as well. Heather then goes to Wes and Wes explains the new movie is needed to contain the entity but asks Heather to be Nancy one last time. 041b061a72


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