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[S2E4] Washing Off Prison

Matt and Caitlin's sexy reunion leads to a surprising offer; at Tracie's release, Clint fears she's cat-fishing him; Brittany walks out on her first date with Marcelino; Sarah picks up Michael from prison, but he's harboring a scandalous secret. Show: Love After Lockup

[S2E4] Washing Off Prison

With his men losing heart, Robb orchestrates an assault on Harrenhal only to find that the Lannisters have deserted the castle and left hundreds of slaughtered Northern prisoners in their wake. Robb and Talisa discover only one survivor, a maester named Qyburn (Anton Lesser).

All seven seasons of "Orange is the New Black" are available to binge on Netflix. The original series, about a woman who gets sent to prison for her role in an international drug smuggling operation, earned 21 Emmy nominations during its run.

Howard had an estimated IQ of 180. His mother, Marianne Epps, had, in her words, a glandular condition which made her highly obese. She was highly religious and tried to raise him the same way and keep him "pure". Whenever he went out with women, all of whom his mother felt were "loose", she would make him bathe in ammonia "to wash their scent off". She also physically abused him regularly and would later lament not beating him more frequently. He tells Booth and Brennan that he had regretted not making her his first victim. In adulthood, Howard became a serial killer. He was arrested after killing one of his victims, April Wright. Since the other bodies were not found, no connection was made to their disappearances. Most of his victims were young, blonde women. Epps would later tell Brennan that no young woman was 'pure'. There was no indication that he ever made his victims suffer until after his escape from prison which is when he also expanded his range of targets because he "felt the need to grow as a person".

Epps was introduced in the episode, where he was a prisoner scheduled to be executed in two days, while his lawyer enlisted Brennan and Booth to try and clear his name. They were successful in delaying his execution pending a further review of the evidence but this was only after discovering, after tracing the location where the murder he was accused of had been committed, that he was not only guilty but had killed multiple other victims; the execution was delayed only to try him for the other murders. While being questioned in the end of the episode, Epps explained that he read Brennan's book and saw a way out when he learned that she was working with Booth, who caught him the first time.

Epps:You know... those hack doctors at the prison infirmary... did a miserable job setting my wrist. It aches all the time, and I don't have a full range of movement. And let me tell you, when you're stuck in a prison cell for 23 hours a day, there's really only one thing you can do to pass the time. And I need my wrist.

The prison doctors failed to properly set his wrist which was broken in self-defense by Dr. Brennan. This would later cause him pain. He began a relationship with a woman named Caroline, who knew he was guilty, but believed him to be a good person underneath it all. They got married, although Howard was not attracted to her. He simply married her because it was the "best he could do" as an inmate. The two even planned to have a child together.

Epps successfully escapes from prison during a fire by killing a fireman, stealing his uniform, and leaving the body in his own cell. After Epps' escape, he becomes obsessed with Brennan. Using mind games, he makes her feel responsible for the deaths of his victims. He tests her and the rest of her team by leaving clues for them to discover, decipher, and follow to more victims; one of whom was Epps' ex-wife, Caroline, who broke it off with him after the events of The Blonde in the Game. He also leaves traps in the clues; Zack is caught in an explosion and Cam nearly dies during Caroline's autopsy after inhaling a deadly toxin that was hidden in the head. After being cornered in Brennan's apartment by her and Booth, Epps jumps off the balcony. He is temporarily spared from death by Booth, who grabs his hand as he falls over the railing. In the end, however, Epps lets go of Booth's hand which results in him falling to his death when Booth can no longer hold on.

Howard targeted blonde women in their late teens and early 20s (he associated them with purity) and killed them by bludgeoning them with a tire iron. Afterward, he tied the bodies' hands and feet together and buried them face down. His accomplice, Gil Lappin, copied Epps' M.O. and victim type almost perfectly, although he tortured his victims by suspending them upside-down before killing them. However, despite his preference for blondes, while in prison he married Caroline Epps, a brunette woman who was later his final victim. Epps' method of killing her was much different from the others. He had decapitated her alive, leaving Caroline's head in the fridge containing a glass ball of poison that sickened Camille Saroyan, and Caroline's body in a tannery with poison on her body that triggered a pressure bomb, injuring Booth and Zack Addy who tried removing it. He always leaves clues on his victims to manipulate and target the people investigating their deaths. This proved to be his downfall when Brennan and Booth recognized the significance of plaster dust on Caroline's head.

As Michael works on the Taj Mahal model in Warden Pope's office with him looking on, Pope asks Michael how he could repay him for all the help he has given him. Michael promptly asks if his cellmate could be moved. Pope informs Michael that inmate transfer requests fall under deaf ears around the prison unless there is some sort of fight or sexual predation. Personality conflicts are not enough for a cell transfer. Pope's secretary, Becky, then comes into the room with Michael working, and warns him that his wife is at the front desk. Pope checks his watch and said she wasn't supposed to come until four o'clock. Pope tells Becky not to let her in under any circumstance. He doesn't want her to see the Taj-Mahal until their anniversary. Pope's wife wonders what's wrong and brings up Toledo. As she is about to walk into his office, Michael comes out to say, "Warden, I'm not going to be able to cooperate, I'd get killed if I did. Johnson's still deciding." Pope plays along and Michael returns to his cell. His wife is surprised and relieved. The warden and his wife leave.

Pope believes rehabilitation is more effective than punishment and due to him recommending Officer Bellick when he retires Bellick is willing to take another look at Michael's cellmate. Michael is then shown in the Toxic Control Center delivering a carton of cigarettes to one of the guards. Michael searches around for MASONRY CLEANER bottle. It then shows chemical formulas of sheets back before he was in prison. Officer Bellick walks in and finds Michael in the Masonry section. Bellick then steps down on Michael's bad foot. Bellick warns Michael to never go around him to Pope.

In the prison yard, Abruzzi meets Michael on the bench and hands him a bottle of Drain Line Root Control that Michael asked for. Abruzzi then says that he would recommend using a knife. Michael replies that there are smarter ways. In his cell, Michael is shown with the Masonry Cleaning bottle and the Drain Line Root Control bottle. A flashback follows as Michael mixes all the ingredients to induce a chemical reaction. Michael fills the empty toothpaste tubes with the contents from each bottle.

In the infirmary, Michael is shown squeezing out his toothpaste tubes into a drain. He sits back on his chair as Dr. Sara Tancredi comes in. As Sara treats his injury, she warns him that he is going to get killed in prison if he is not careful. Michael then responds with a bet, that if he gets out of prison alive that he will take her out for dinner, lunch or a cup of coffee. Sara replies that this charm act could be exactly why Michael is getting into trouble out in the yard.

Michael starts digging behind the sink as Sucre provides a look-out. When Michael realizes that breaking through the bricks is going to be heard, he asks Sucre to make some noise. Sucre starts to sing, which causes a ruckus among the prisoners. Michael successfully breaks through the bricks and crawls through the hole for the first time.

At "Project Justice", Veronica is meeting with Ben Forsik about having Barris to testify. Nick Savrinn, standing behind Forsik is interested in Veronica's case. Benjamin declines to help Veronica with her case. Veronica then meets with an officer who was the first to respond to a 911 call on the night that Lincoln supposedly killed Terrence Steadman. The officer tells her when he arrived at Lincoln's apartment, he went into the bathroom to see Lincoln washing out the bloody pants. When Veronica asks him if he actually saw Lincoln washing the pants, he gets agitated and again says yes. He then tells her to ask the police station if she has any further questions before stalking off. As Veronica is walking back to her car, Nick Savrinn walks up and introduces himself, and says that he wants to help. They have lunch as they talk about Lincoln's case. They bring up the topic of the government and Terrence Steadman's company's push on alternative energy, and oil companies. Nick reveals that his dad served 15 years for a crime he didn't commit.

Glenn is stricken with a deadly virus spreading through the prison. Quarantined in a cell with the other sick patients, his rapidly deteriorating health comes to a head when a coughing fit causes him to choke on his own blood. It's down to one-legged Hershel (Scott Wilson) to pull him back from the brink of death.

Having been imprisoned in a boxcar following their arrival at Terminus, the cannibalistic crew cart Glenn to a slaughterhouse alongside Rick, Daryl and Bob (Lawrence Gilliard). Watching on as they mercilessly slit the throats of four other members of an unknown group, Glenn is next line. Awaiting his death, an explosion rings out deterring the cannibals; Rick strikes and saves Glenn. 041b061a72


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