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Textbook Of Medical Physiology By Indu Khurana Pdf Full

Textbook of Medical Physiology by Indu Khurana PDF Full

Medical physiology is the study of the functions and mechanisms of the human body. It is essential for understanding the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of various diseases and disorders. A good textbook of medical physiology should provide a comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of the basic principles and concepts of physiology, as well as their clinical applications.

One such textbook is the Textbook of Medical Physiology by Indu Khurana, Arushi Khurana, and Narayan Gurukripa Kowlgi. This book is a revised and updated edition of the previous two editions, which were well-received by students and teachers alike. The book presents an exhaustive and thorough exposition of the fundamentals of medical physiology, divided systematically into three sections: General Physiology, Systemic Physiology, and Specialized Integrative Physiology. The book also includes several features to enhance the learning experience, such as:

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  • Learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter to highlight the key points.

  • Clinical boxes to illustrate the relevance of physiology to medicine.

  • Flowcharts, tables, diagrams, and graphs to summarize and simplify complex concepts.

  • Review questions at the end of each chapter to test the comprehension and retention of the material.

  • Online access to additional resources, such as animations, videos, MCQs, and case studies.

The book is written in a simple and lucid language, with a logical and coherent presentation of topics. The book is suitable for undergraduate students of medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, and other allied health sciences. The book is also useful for postgraduate students and practitioners who want to refresh their knowledge of medical physiology.

The Textbook of Medical Physiology by Indu Khurana is available in both print and electronic formats. The print version can be purchased from various online and offline bookstores. The electronic version can be accessed as a PDF file from various websites that offer free or paid downloads. However, downloading the PDF file may not be legal or ethical in some cases, as it may violate the intellectual property rights of the authors and publishers. Therefore, it is advisable to obtain the PDF file from authorized sources only.

The Textbook of Medical Physiology by Indu Khurana is one of the best books on medical physiology that provides a comprehensive and updated coverage of the subject. It is highly recommended for students and teachers who want to learn and teach medical physiology in an effective and engaging manner.


  • Textbook of Medical Physiology_3rd Edition-E-book - Indu Khurana, Arushi Khurana, Narayan Gurukripa Kowlgi - Google Books


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