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Ccd S820 Manual

if your vehicle has connectivity technology (e.g. fordpass connect or lincoln way modem or a connectivity device) and you connect your vehicle to your fordpass account, your vehicle will share connected vehicle information (e. vehicle location and driving data) with ford. deleting or uninstalling fordpass from your device will not disable data sharing. depending on how the vehicle is equipped, different in-vehicle controls may be available to you. learn more about modems, other connectivity technology, in-vehicle controls, and in-app controls in the owners manual or call the ford customer relationship center. to stop fordpass-related vehicle data transmission and access enabled by connecting your vehicle to fordpass, contact the customer relationship center; and consult your vehicle's owners manual (and follow the procedure to disable your connectivity device which may require performing a master reset to stop data transmission.

Ccd S820 Manual

the navigation system of the car is able to display a digital map of the area in which the car is currently located. the maps can be downloaded from the internet or the memory of the car can be directly accessed, which makes it possible for the driver to get information about the road ahead, for example in the form of road signs, road numbers, and turns. the navigation system can be used as a positioning system, and the position can be corrected by satellite navigation methods. the navigation system offers the driver various routes to his or her destination. the driver selects the route to be taken using the navigation system. the navigation system is provided with a built-in global positioning system (gps), which determines the car's position by receiving satellite signals. the navigation system is able to receive and display the position and speed of the car. the position can be updated in real time. the driver can set up a route to the destination and the navigation system is able to automatically calculate the fastest route between the destination and the starting position. a route is displayed on the navigation system's display. the driver can also select the route to be taken manually.


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