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Firmware Updates Kingston 8gb USB Drive Datatraveler Se9 Champagne Dtse9h

Kingstons DataTraveler SE9 USB Flash Drive is the first to attain the legendary BE13 standard for USB 3.0 flash drives. It features a high-performance USB 3.0 interface along with the advantages of all the KINGSTON DataTraveler lineup including a 10-year warranty, proprietary chip used to encrypt and secure data, physical lockout, and a metal enclosure. As the first to meet this new standard, its maximum transfer rate of 5GB/s is not only faster than USB 2.0, but also completely backward compatible with USB 2.0 devices.

Firmware updates Kingston 8gb USB Drive Datatraveler Se9 Champagne Dtse9h

With the DataTraveler SE9 USB drive, you get more than a USB 2.0 storage device, you get an entire Kingston family of products that includes the Kingston DataTraveler, DataTraveler SE, DataTraveler SE8, and DataTraveler SE8 Black Pro.

The DataTraveler SE9 features the 10-year warranty and proprietary chip that make this flash drive stand out from the crowd. It protects the data up to 256GB with 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption. It also offers a complete encryption solution so you can rest assured that your data will be protected.

The DataTraveler SE9 is the most rugged USB flash drive and comes with a military-grade enclosure with a scratch-resistant ABS exterior and a TPU skin inside the case. This case means that the SE9 flash drive is scratch-resistant to a depth of 0.9mm and protected from drops or shocks.

The DataTraveler SE9 features a higher performance USB 3.0 interface with a data transfer rate up to 5GB/s and backward compatibility with USB 2.0 devices. It has a large storage capacity of 256GB (2.2 x 128GB), which is equivalent to 250,000 photos or one ream of 5.25 x 8.5 inch paper. This allows you to carry a lot of data on a single flash drive.


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